Welcome to Cambridge Technologies

We are Australia's largest stocking distributor of high performance wire, cable and interconnecting components.

Industry Reputation

We have the supply-chain capacity to efficiently deliver electrical connectors, electrical wire and, interconnect related products to all major aerospace, military and commercial customers, including:

  • Australian Defence Force
  • Avionics
  • Motorsport
  • Shipbuilding
  • Mass Transit
  • Medical
  • Mining

We also supply commercial manufacturers with ITT Cannon connectors, Amphenol PCD Junction Modules, Thermax/CDT high temperature hook-up wire, Polamco backshells and conduit systems ,solder sleeves and Sumitomo heat shrink tubing for specifications beyond normal applications. We can offer a broad and diverse range of interconnecting devices for unique or the most challenging Australian industry projects.

Delivering the Best Product Selection

Our team of experts at Cambridge Technologies can assist your design engineers with an extensive product range for all of your industry applications. We have a proven record of expertise and supporting information through our large portfolio of industry contracts.

Electrical Connectors

Cambridge Technologies offers a comprehensive range of electrical connectors and accessories and maintains Australia’s largest offerings of military approved high-performance connector products. Off-the-shelf connector products include military and OEM specifications in a wide variety of configurations including Circular connectors, Rectangular connectors and ARINC configurations.

Heat Shrink Tubing

We can supply you with low and high temperature tolerant heat shrink tubing for all your sleeving applications. Our heat shrink tubing range includes polyolefin, fluoropolymer, elastomer and PVC products. Individual tubes can be thin-walled, medium-walled or heavy-walled, depending on the application, and can be with or without adhesive.

Electrical Wire

Cambridge Technologies is Australia's leading supplier of high-performance wire and cable. We offer the most comprehensive range of electrical wire and cable products required for use in demanding military and aerospace applications. In addition, we provide many high-performance wire and cable types for use in a variety of demanding applications including medical, transit, shipboard, mining and ground-based military vehicles.

Wire Splices

As an essential part of our electrical wire stock, is our range of wire splice components, accessories and tools. The wire splice products we supply are manufactured to the highest specification to meet military and aerospace applications, making them an ideal option for robust terminations.

Professional Engineering Services

We have a dedicated engineering services team who are able to provide cost effective essential service for the defence, aerospace and commercial industry.

  • Cable Marking – We have UV laser and heat shrinking marking services with fast 1 -2 day turnaround.
  • Harness management – We can design, develop and manage all your harness requirements. We use the top brand components such as: ITT Cannon, Amphenol, Sumitomo, Hellermann heatshrink boots and mil spec wire for the best results.
  • Procurement – We offer access to our professional procurement team who can efficiently source large orders of parts through our state of art inventory system. We are can prepare cost effective bulk orders for worldwide shipment, same day dispatch with no MOQ on most items
Resource Centre

Having a data library for defining the correct electrical connector, heat shrink boot or type of hook up wire is a must for the success of system critical design. We have a comprehensive resource centre for all your technical data needs.

Authorised Distributors

Building a relationship with our distributors means we can offer the newest technology quickly and have the benefit of passing on the latest product information to our customers. We are exclusive distributors for:

  • Themax CDT - Manufacturer of high performance power cables, fluoropolymer insulated hook-up wires, coaxial cables, telecommunication and aerospace cables
  • Whitmor Wirenetics – manufacturers of custom mil spec cable
  • ITT Cannon - manufacturers of industry preferred military connectors, including circular, rectangular, Veam CIR connectors, fiber optic, RF, power and high voltage
  • Sunbank - a leading designer and manufacturer of electrical cable accessories and flexible conduit systems for high reliability in commercial and military applications.
  • Polamco – manufacturer of backshells, customer connectors, conduits systems and all harness management equipment
  • Hellermann – manufacturer of heat shrink boots and various transitions / moulded shapes
  • Conesys /Aero-Electric Connector – leading manufacturer of Hermetic, filtered, circular and rectangular connectors, we have a wide range of products from these US manufacturers
  • Cinch – supply us with various combo-d and d-subminiature connectors qualified to MIL-C-23408
  • Tri-Star Electronics - producer of connectors, electrical contacts and crimp butt splices
  • Sumitomo - We have the full range of Sumitube® heat shrinkable solder sleeves , wire splices and accessories

We ensure you benefit from our status as an authorised dealer. We have the capacity for fast bulk ordering of military connectors, wire splices, heat shrink boots at the most competitive prices for shipping Australia wide.

Our Focus on Quality

We specialise in selecting and delivering the highest quality aerospace and military connectors, high performance wire and cable, wire splices and cable heat shrink tubing/boots from globally recognised brands. Our mission policy is:

  • Firstly – the uncompromising stance on providing quality components.
  • Secondly – a long standing commitment for providing our customers with competent technical support.

At Cambridge Technologies we attribute our success to:

  • Building excellent working relationships with our customers
  • Hard working project teams
  • Completing the most challenging projects with excellent results
  • Adding value through our engineering services

We are one of a few Australian suppliers who have the following accreditations for fulfilling industry contracts.

  • Building excellent working relationships with our customers
  • Approved Supplier to Defence Contract Manufacturers
  • Quality Control System Complying with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 , MIL-I-45208A, MIL-STD-105.
  • Certification and Traceability Included With All Shipments

We have a highly motivated team who ensure your requirements are met with reliable, friendly professionalism.

Cambridge Technologies is the leading supplier of military connectors, Mil spec cable , back shells and other interconnecting components. Contact us on + 61 3 8336 1000 for the most competitive prices.