#231 Flat Braid A-A-59569 1/4'

Part Number: QQB-575-F36-T0171

#231 Flat Braid A-A-59569 1/4'

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Unit Of Measure: Metre

MPN: QQB-575-F36-T0171

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Brand: IWCC

Tinned Copper Tubular Braid 

Mil Spec QQ-B-575 & A-A-59569

Made in compliance with MIL SPEC QQ-B575 (as revised). Our QQB-575 Braid is formed so as to maintain coverages of 90% shielding, (70% for .078 and smaller), over the nominal diameters specified. The tinned Copper used in the braid conforms to AST M B 33 standard.

  • Used in military and commercial applications where maximum shielding is required against electrostatic interference.
  • Also Useful against mechanical abrasion and stresses for cables and as grounding cable.
  • Woven tinned copper with strands meeting ASTM-B-33.
  • This series is RoHS compliant.

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