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The importance of finding the correct device, component or interconnect accessory is vital for critical Aerospace, Defence and Commercial interconnecting component design. Finding and identifying the best military connectorheat shrink tubing and electrical wire is made easier by using our Resource centre alongside our expert team at Cambridge Technologies.

By accessing our resource centre, you'll be able to browse all types of electrical connectorsmil spec wiremil spec connectorsheat shrink boots, backshells and many more items in our broad range of catalogues, market application brochures or datasheets. Our resource centre is designed to give you access to design data, dimensions and component environmental tolerances.

MIL-DTL-38999 Series III

Souriau 8D Series

38999 Power Contacts

Souriau 8D Power Contacts

38999 High Power

Souriau 8D High Power

38999 Series III Double Flange

Souriau 8D Double Flange

38999 Integrated Backshell

Souria 8D Integrated Backshell

Feedthrough Series

Souriau Feethrough

38999 Composite

Souriau 8D Composite

38999 Marine Bronze

Souriau JVS Marine Bronze

38999 High Density

Souriau High Density Range

38999 Clinch Nuts or Helicoils

Souriau Receptacle with Clinch Nuts or Helicoils

39999 230V

Souriau 8D Series

38999 Fiber Optic

Souriau Fiber Optic

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