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Nemesis High Mating


Nemesis High Mating


ITT Cannon Nemesis High Mating

Product Description

The Nemesis range is the most comprehensive small plan form connector offering in the marketplace. Whether it is sealing, weight reduction, contact durability or field cleanable are high on your list of requirements, you will find all of these features within the range. ITT Cannon`s High Mating Connector is a lightweight, robust, watertight solution designed for Defence, Medical, Marine, Industrial, Audio & Broadcast applications.

Features & Benefits

  • ITT ICS pogo contact technology providing industry leading durability and guaranteeing 10,000+ mating cycles
  • Blind mating design ensuring reliable and quick connections without the need for visual or mechanical keying
  • RoHS compliant black electroless nickel or electroless nickel plating ensuring our customers are future proofed with the anticipated revision of MIL standards
  • Human factors design considerations enabling secure gripping in the harshest environments through the use of ribbed overmolding
  • Rugged stainless steel construction providing reassurance that your interconnect will survive the mission
  • Enhanced strain relief design eliminating cable overstressing and ensuring the integrity of cable sealing
  • Anti-reflective salt spray resistant plating finish ensures soldier concealability while providing effective protection in harsh marine environments