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Banding Tooling


Banding Tooling

The Sunband Termination System (STS) is a proven technologically current product that provides the best electro-magnetic interference shield bonding available.

The compatible materials used in the STS to prevent catastrophic corrosion are specified for advanced strategic and tactical aircraft and weapon system applications.

STS is based on a minimum number of components (adjustable size Sunband and optimised backshells) which make it simple, reliable and lightweight. It also provides positive strain relief. A saving in time and money.

STS is the solution for upgrading your interconnect system and meeting tomorrow??s challenges today

  • EMI, RFI Shield termination
  • Patented
  • No Welding, heating or crimping
  • Low profile design
  • Manual or Pneumatic tooling
  • Economy (ECO) version*
  • Calibrated application tools
  • Military specifications applicable


Standard Band - Tie-Dex II Tool
Part No. Description Type  
A40199 Pre-callibrated Hand Tool ea.  
A44699 Calibration Key ea.  
A40699 Replacement Part - 
Cut-off Blade Kit


Micro Band - Tie-Dex II Tool
Part No. Description Type  
A30199 Pre-callibrated Hand Tool ea.  
A46799 Calibration Key ea.  
A35599 Pneumatic tool to apply Tie-Dex Micro Band ea.  


Environmental MIL Standard 810C/810A, MIL-C-38999H

Mechanical MIL-C-85049, MIL-STD-1344, MIL-STD-1344A MIL Standard 901C