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Octax High Speed Data Assemblies


Octax High Speed Data Assemblies


Octax High Speed Data Assemblies

An extremely small and compact aerospace Ethernet connectivity system. An innovative, lightweight, cost-effective, high speed Ethernet interconnect solution capable of operating in data transmission speeds of 10Gb/s or higher.


CarlisleIT offers 35 years of custom cable assembly experience. We offer engineering support for build-to-print or design capabilities for a complete solution.


  • Connector weighs approximately 40% less than those of its competitors
  • Field Servicable
  • Capable of being utilized in a panel mount application 
  • Uses standard M39029 contacts
  • Available in both plug and socket versions 
  • Cable houses four Ethernet pairs in separate low profile cells within a small envelope housing 
  • Optimized for use with Carlisle Interconnect Technologies Gigabit Series Cables
  • Built-To-Print & Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturing
  • Discrete copper assemblies
    • Ranging from single end terminated  to multi-breakout  harnesses
    • One wire to over 1,000 wires. 
  • Rack and Panel Assemblies
  • Box Build Capability including complete turnkey electromechanical solution. 
  • Fully Automated Wire Harness Testing
  • Complete Cable Assembly Design (when required) 3D Modeling, Design Verification & Validation, documentation package. 
  • Design for Manufacturability Review (customer supplied designs) 
    • Component Recommendations
    • Component Compatibility check
    • Redline drawing support


Click here to download the Octax brochure.