MIL-C-28804 Connectors


MIL-C-28804 Connectors


Delphi HAC-PAK / MIL-C-28804 Connectors

Delphi HAC-PAK / MIL-C-28804 Connectors are subminiature rectangular connectors with a packaging concept that offers unique application versatility.

Termination of a variety of cable types is easily accomplished:

  • Flat printed wiring cable to fixed solder-tail contacts
  • Flat printed wiring cable to fixed filtered contacts with solder-tails
  • Standard round wiring cable to crimp/removable rear-release contacts

Three types of contacts are available to meet customer design requirements:

  • Crimp/removable, rear-release contacts: non-environmental, environmental or potted
  • Fixed solder-tail contacts
  • RFI/EMI (radio frequency interference/electromagnetic intereference) fixed filtered contacts 


  • MIL-C-28804 qualified
  • Non-environmental/environmental versions
  • Versatile termination options
  • Crimp/removable, fixed solder-tail, RFI /EMI fixed filtered contacts
  • Unique POLARHEX center jackscrew

Typical Applications

  • Commercial and military airborne equipment
  • Guidance control systems
  • Automated electronic equipment
  • Ground support equipment
  • Cable-to-chassis/cable-to-cable

Performance Characteristics

  • Operating temperature: -55°C to +125°C
  • Separation force: 19.8 g [0.7 oz.] minimum
  • Current rating: 5 amps [22 AWG (American Wire Gauge)]
  • Contact resistance: 60 millivolts maximum
  • Insulation resistance: 5000 MΩ @500 VDC

The performance characteristics above are for reference only and may not account for all the variables that would be present in an actual application. For detailed product performance information, contact Delphi.