UV LaserWire Marking


UV LaserWire Marking

 Features & Benefits

  • Non aggressive UV laser marking, no insulation damage
  • Complies with SAE AS50881, no need for insulation integrity testing after marking
  • Ultimate mark performance resists hot hydraulic fluid, fuel, abrasion
  • No pre or post treatment of wire, identification marks remain clear and legible in service
  • Highly legible print - ergonomic font complies fully with SAE ARP 5607 "Legibility of Print on Aerospace Wires and Cables"
  • Fully integrated mark measure and cut system, simple system set-up, optional connection to host database
  • Universal anvil accommodates full range of wire and cable diameters - no set up
  • Rapid wire changeover in less than 30 seconds
  • No day to day consumables
  • Speeds downstream harness manufacture, reduces errors
  • Simplifies manufacturing, increasing productivity and reduces costs
  • Low direct operating costs


As part of Cambridge Technologies' ongoing commitment to service, we have installed a UV Laser Wire Marking machine.
Cambridge Technologies now provides customers with a range of Value Added wire services. These services save our customers time and money. With our broad product line stocking levels, customers have the added assurance of on-time delivery costand despooling equipment.
Laser marking allows for wires that are clear and easily legible.
Laser wire marking ensures a durable, permanent marking, while maintaining insulation integrity. The advantages of UV laser wire marking:

  • High Quality, Permanent Wire Identification
  • Excellent Contrast and Visibility
  • Various Font Sizes
  • Meets aerospace industry compliance requirements
 Download the Wire Marking Spreadsheet