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AS22759/16 Airframe Wire Brown

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AS22759/16 Airframe Wire Brown

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M22759/16-12-1 Tefzel Hook Up Wire

M22759/16-12-1 (SAE AS22759) wires are high-performance, medium and high-temperature hookup wires with extruded PTFE or ETFE, or PTFE/polyimide tape insulators, and stranded conductors. These wires are designed for severe-environment aerospace applications, such as engine controls and SWAMP areas. Some types are available with highly abrasion-resistant insulation and / or high-strength conductors for maximum perfomance under mechanical stresses.

MIL-W-22759/16 wires have extruded ETFE insulation for aerospace and other applications requiring light weight, tight diameter tolerances, and enhanced mechanical toughness. ETFE insulation also provides exceptional resistance to radiation and chemicals. For versions of these wires with a thinner-wall insulation for light weight, please see M22759/18 and M22759/19

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Brand: CIT - Thermax