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Banding Backshell, Straight, Size 11, Entry 8.00mm, Black RoHs

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Banding Backshell, Straight, Size 11, Entry 8.00mm, Black RoHs

Product Code: A38-025-PJ2

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For high level shielding effectiveness, EMCA VG 95319-1011 banding adapter products such as the A38-025-PJ2 provide an economical (fully 360 degree) approach to terminating overall, and/or, individual cable shielding, especially where future maintenance or reparability are required.

A high quality M85049/128 Termination Band will do the job in this backshell. M85049/128 Termination Bands are tightened over the shields, which is pulled over the banding area, using a special assembly tool.

Suitable over cover by a heat shrink boot is one way of providing environmental protection and strain relief to the cable termination.

Specification VG 95319-1011
Sealing Yes
Shielding Yes
Connector Type Backshell
Connector Style Banding Backshell
Shell Material Aluminum Alloy
Shell Plating Selective Plated
Shell Color Black
RoHS Yes
Weight (g) 0.000000
Backshell Type Size 11
Connector Family MIL-DTL-38999 III, IV

Brand: EMCA GmBh